Stroke Awareness


The Stroke Awareness Course aims to build understanding of what it means for someone to have a stroke. The course covers signs and symptoms and appropriate assessment and treatment.

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Course Outline

The Stroke Awareness aims to build on your understanding of what it means for someone to have a stroke and your caring experience.  The course will suggest lots of ideas about how you can help people in your care during and after a stroke.

The programme is suitable for staff working in hospitals, care homes, day centres, and in people’s own homes.  This is reflected in the words used throughout the course to refer to the people receiving care; ‘patient’, ‘resident’, and ‘client’ are used.

The Stroke Awareness programme is at Level 3, the equivalent of GCSE or ‘O’ Level.  This programme is divided into ten key modules, each covering a different aspect of caring for people after a stroke.  Transient Ischaemic Attacks (TIAs) are also discussed.

Why Study This Course?

  • Provides a full overview of a stroke including signs and symptoms and appropriate assessment and treatment
  • Gives a detailed understanding of the essential caring skills required to ensure the best possible recovery of the client
  • Details how to maximise a stroke survivor’s strengths


  • Module 1: Brain attack! What a stroke is
  • Module 2: Assessment, treatment and care after a stroke in the UK
  • Module 3: Working as a team
  • Module 4: Essential skills: helping with positioning and mobility after a stroke
  • Module 5: Essential skills: ensuring good nutrition after a stroke
  • Module 6: Essential skills: helping people improve bladder and bowel function after a stroke
  • Module 7: Essential skills: enabling people to communicate after a stroke
  • Module 8: Essential skills: helping people with sensory, perception and responsiveness difficulties after a stroke
  • Module 9: Essential skills: helping people with cognitive and emotional issues after a stroke
  • Module 10: Positive care: maximising strengths

How it Works

The programme is carried out using a comprehensive blended learning resource pack which can be kept to record a staff members development in the subject.  Assessment is through a multiple choice question paper and completion of workbook.

Our aim is to provide you with the best deal available when purchasing the Stroke Awareness course, therefore the registration fee, certification fee, Tutor guide and end of unit examination is included in the course price for you.