Blended Distance Learning - How it Works

Blended Learning is a way of learning which carries far more benefits than standard distance or classroom learning.

NCC has been refining this methodology for a considerable period of time and are able to offer a wealth of materials (designed as individual portfolios) which each contain an up to date, reliable and informative underpinning knowledge section, written to assist students in their requirements for understanding the course.

In addition, each programme comes complete with appropriate activities which can be applied to the workplace for the purpose of demonstrating competence and self assessment questions to test the student’s knowledge and prepare them for the end of course multiple-choice end test.

On enrolment it would be expected that the client allocates a workplace mentor (usually a manager) to the student/students, to monitor their progress through the workbooks and the duration of the course. The first element of the course which the student undertakes is the reading of the Underpinning Knowledge Workbook. Once the information has been absorbed, the student can move onto the activities and self-assessment questions. These usually take between 6-8 weeks, however due to the benefits of blended learning, we are completely flexible on time management. The organisation should set the parameters for delivery based on their individual requirements or needs of the students.

Once the allocated workplace mentor is happy with the quality of work that has been completed, they would be expected to send back the Signed Summary of Assessment Evidence Certificate (included at the back of workbooks) for each individual student, to NCC. To maintain our excellent quality process, we continually carry out random assessments and may ask for a number of workbooks to be forwarded to us for external verification.

Once we have received the Summary of Assessment Evidence certificate, the multiple-choice examination papers and exam invigilation documentation will be sent to the mentor for administration of the end tests. On completion of the exams they must be returned to our office as soon as possible for external marking and certification as appropriate.

Each student is required to achieve a minimum pass mark of a minimum of 65% (Online 75%) and the majority of multiple choice papers contain 40 questions. If a Student does not meet the minimum requirement, then we will offer a re-sit paper. Once we are happy that the student/students have passed their examinations and they have been internally moderated, NCC will arrange certification which will usually be dispatched within 7-10 days after receiving and checking the examination papers.