Disciplinaries, Grievances and Tribunals


This course considers disciplinary and grievance procedures and the role of employment tribunals.

Course Format: Online Course
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Course Outline

In any relationship, from time to time misunderstandings and problems can and do arise and need to be dealt with and resolved in a fair and effective manner. The relationship between an organisation and its employees is no different, and in this book we will be looking at the types of problems that occur and how these are dealt with.

Problems with relations occur when one party feels that the other has acted in an inappropriate manner towards the other. In an employer/employee situation, inappropriate behaviour of the employee towards the employer can include such things as misconduct or poor performance, and these are usually referred to as disciplinary issues.

Inappropriate behaviour of the employer towards employee can include such things as unfair or unreasonable treatment and are usually referred to as grievance issues. Disputes occur when disciplinary or grievance issues are not dealt with effectively at an early stage.

Although it is important to have appropriate disciplinary and grievance procedures available, many problems can be resolved, and potential conflict situations diffused, simply by an appropriate, considered, informal word, saving much time, effort and feelings.

Why Study This Course?

  • Understand the type of issues that can result in disciplinary action being taken and the disciplinary process
  • Understand the type of issues that can lead to a grievance being raised by an employee and the process for dealing with grievances
  • Understand the role and function of ACAS and Employment Tribunals

How it Works

The programme is delivered through our online learning portal. The portal contains all the learning materials, examination and certification, meaning everything is accessible in one, central location. Assessment is through a multiple choice exam, to be taken online when the learner has completed studying the course materials.

Our aim is to provide you with the very best deal available when purchasing the Disciplinaries, Grievances and Tribunals course, therefore the registration fee, certification fee, tutor guide and end of course multiple-choice examination is included in the course price for you. The certificate for this course is provided as an electronic version.  A paper version can be purchased for an additional fee.