Tissue Viability


The Tissue Viability programme aims to develop understanding in prevention and care of pressure ulcers as well as carrying our appropriate assessment and alleviation of discomfort.

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Course Outline

It cannot be overemphasised that anyone who develops a pressure ulcer is in a potentially life-threatening situation.  Prevention of pressure ulcers is almost certainly better than cure and starts by identifying those who are at risk of developing a pressure ulcer, and then taking the necessary action to avoid skin breakdown.  If someone is found to have an existing pressure ulcer, the aim will be to treat and prevent the ulcer from deteriorating any further.  Any intervention will vary depending on the client and the risks that have been identified.

This programme has been written for everyone who will benefit from learning how to undertake risk assessment in relation to pressure area care and the risk of skin breakdown. This process could take place across a variety of health and social care settings, throughout hospitals, including operating departments, hospices, nursing and residential homes, day centres, and clients’ own homes. Risk assessment includes the use of different assessment tools selected for use to fit the client and the environment. The assessment could be undertaken by a variety of staff within the various care settings and is an ongoing process demanding constant review and evaluation.

Why Study This Course?

  • Ability to identify skin lesions and to carry out appropriate risk assessment regarding skin breakdown
  • Identify the causes of pain concerned with skin lesions including the assessment and alleviation of discomfort
  • Provides staff with the relevant tools to carry out continuous assessment and evaluation


  • Module 1: Identify Clients at Risk of Skin Breakdown
  • Module 2: Prepare for and Carry out Risk Assessment
  • Module 3: The Causes, Effects and Control of Pain
  • Module 4: Report on, Review and Update the Risk Assessment

How it Works

The programme is carried out using a comprehensive blended learning resource pack which can be kept to record a staff members development in the subject. Assessment is through a multiple choice exam and completion of the workbook.

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