Diabetes in Children and Young People

The Diabetes in Children and Young People aims to provide care staff with an understanding of Diabetes and how this condition affects many areas of life including medication and diet.

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This distance learning Diabetes in Children and Young People programme has been written for people who are involved in the care sector and is aimed to give all staff, supervisors and managers the essential knowledge needed to offer the very best professional approach to the management of diabetes in children and young people.

Diabetes is a serious health condition where the amount of blood glucose in the body is much higher than its requirements. Consequently, the body cannot use it as efficiently as it should do. This is due to the pancreas - a small organ that is situated behind the stomach, either not producing any insulin or it doesn’t produce enough insulin - this all depends on the type of diabetes a person has. Fundamentally, there are two types of diabetes: type 1 and type 2. This course is primarily focussed on type 1, as this condition is present in almost 100% of childhood cases. It is also most deadly if left untreated. It is therefore crucial to spot the symptoms of diabetes sooner rather than later and this course offers vital knowledge to help recognise these. Diabetes is a common degenerative health problem for people all over the world, both male and female and although there is no known cure as yet, this course offers invaluable guidance to help children manage and treat the condition and ultimately lead a fulfilling life.


  • This programme will help you to become more effective in many areas of your work
  • Helps staff understanding diabetes to helping others cope with it
  • Enhance career development in care
  • Module 1: The Nature of Type 1 Diabetes
  • Module 2: Identification, Concerns and Myths
  • Module 3: Understanding Insulin
  • Module 4: Complications of Diabetes
  • Module 5: Dietary Considerations
  • Module 6: Living with Diabetes
  • Module 7: Growing Up With Diabetes
  • Module 8: Diabetic Emergencies
  • Module 9: Pregnancy

The programme is divided into nine core modules, each concentrating on an important aspect of diabetes. This is designed to be used as reading material to support workshop style delivery or as a flexible learning package, which you can work through at your own pace.

Each module asks you to complete a number of structured questions and activities to ensure that you have absorbed the required underpinning knowledge on diabetes considerations for young people, and to provide evidence for core skills assessment. The Activities and Assessments Workbook that is included in your learning pack contains all of these questions, as well as exercises and activities for revision to reinforce your learning. All of these must be assessed by your Tutor/mentor.

Download Course Sample (pdf)

Download Mock Exam (pdf)

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