Organ Donations Blocked by Families Prompts Plan for Opt-out Scheme

doctor consulting with patient presenting results on x-ray film about the problem of the patient

A proposed government plan for presumed organ donation has been met with praise from transplant doctors and health charities accross the UK.

News of the plan, where people will be required to pro-actively opt-out of organ donation if they don’t want their body parts removed and reused for transplants after their death, coincides with NHS statistics that show over 500 families have blocked donations over the past five years, despite the deceased being a registered organ donor.

Experts advise that families get together to discuss their wishes regarding what should happen to their body after they die, as many registered donors are not aware that their families can override their consent.

The BBC has featured a story from Rachel, who wasn’t aware her mother could deny her wishes to be an organ donor.

You can watch Rachel’s story here.