Psychology of Criminal Profiling Course

The Psychology of Criminal Profiling course offered by NCC provides a detailed look at the techniques used by psychological investigators to track down some of the worlds most infamous criminals.

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The Psychology of Criminal Profiling Level 3 course takes an in-depth look at some of the world's most notorious serial killers. The course delves deep into the criminal minds of infamous criminals such as "The Monster of Dusseldorf" and "The Acid Bath Murderer" to discover the mental state of individuals who commit such horrific crimes.

This course gives the learner an opportunity to gain an understanding of the mental state and motivations. Investigators strive to understand the workings of the criminal mind, and one of the techniques adopted is known as psychological profiling. The theoretical basis of this practice is that not only do criminals leave physical evidence at the scene, but psychological evidence as well. This psychological evidence is put together to create a profile of the criminal using a mixture of common sense, observation, background knowledge and geographical factors.

This program features a host of interesting case studies for learners to gain a real life understanding of how investigators use their techniques to apprehend their targets.


  • Module 1: An Introduction to Profiling Criminals
  • Module 2: Cayetano Santos Godino
  • Module 3: The Monster of Dusseldorf
  • Module 4: The Mad Bomber of New York
  • Module 5: The Acid Bath Murderer
  • Module 6: Who was the Boston Strangler?
  • Module 7: The Yorkshire Ripper
  • Module 8: John Wayne Gacy
  • Module 9: The Muswell Hill Murderer
  • Module 10: Doctor Death
  • Module 11:The Dunblane Massacre
  • Module 12: Conclusion


You will complete this course through self guided study, and will not receive any tutor support with the course. Working your way through the online course materials, you will then complete a multiple choice question and answer exam. But don't worry too much, as you can resit your exam as many times as you no extra cost!


The great news is that there are no entry requirements or previous knowledge required to start this course.

All learners will receive a level 3 NCC certificate in Psychology of Criminal Profiling upon completion of the course.

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