Human Resources Level 3

The Human Resources Level 3 course is an in depth distance learning resource that cover many aspects of HR. The course covers a large number of topics ranging from recruitment, selection and induction to termination of employment.

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A successful business must ensure that it effectively and efficiently manages its resources, to provide a service or product that goes beyond what the customer is expecting. A business has a number of resources to manage, including,  materials, equipment, facilities and human, holding most importance of these are human resources, or employees. From the boardroom to the shop floor, a successful business relies on the experience, skill, expertise and ingenuity of all of its employees.

In this Human Resources Diploma we will be looking at the range of work most usually performed by the Human Resources department, and in particular the knowledge and skills that you will require as Human Resource Personnel, working under whatever circumstances, to fulfill this demanding yet rewarding role. The Human Resources Level 3 course consists of six modules, each of which relate to a particular aspect that is important and relevant to the work of the HR Personnel.

This course is perfect for any individual who is looking to improve their skills in the field of HR. The course ensures the learner understands the ins and outs of all aspects of HR rules and regulations.


  • Will improve your ability to work effectively in a HR role
  • Understand how to use HR theory effectively in a working environment
  • Overall understanding of HR general practice and methods


  • Module 1: Recruitment, Selection and Induction
  • Module 2: Producing and Maintaining Personnel Records
  • Module 3: Staff Management and Relationships
  • Module 4: Staff Training, Support and Development 
  • Module 5: Staff Disciplinaries, Grievances and Tribunals
  • Module 6: Termination of Employment


The good news is no prior knowledge or experience is needed to take this Human Resources course and is openly available for anyone wanting to learn more about the subject.

The programme is carried out using a comprehensive blended learning resource pack, the learner is provided with the resources to gain a thorough understanding of HR. Assessment is through a multiple choice question paper which will be completed at the end of the course.

Our aim is to provide you with the best deal available when purchasing the Human Resources programme, therefore the registration fee, certification, and end of unit examination are included in the programme price for you.

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